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Thoroughbred Sagas

You know you own a Thoroughbred when...

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This journal has been created to keep the world (and myself) up to date on the lives of my now one Thoroughbred. I have another journal, which can be found at belle7067, and is friends-only.

My Power Play, aka In Disguise, aka Duncan
Duncan is an 10 year old bay gelding with no white markings save for the two little old rubs on his withers and white marks on his legs from being wrapped for months on end. He is approximately 17 hands. Birthdate: March 26. Duncan raced about 19 times as a 2, 3, and 4 year old, then came off the track and was retrained to do hunters and jumpers. He has some showing experience, but was overridden and jumped in draw reins by a trainer, which has caused him some problems. He is also highly spooktastic, but much happier now that he's not beaten on a regular basis. ;)
I bought Duncan in February of 2006 from my trainer in Cleveland. He's large, and goofy, and we're still getting to know each other. Plans include showing hunters - for now, low adults, hopefully to move up soon. He is the one that makes me go through a tube of paste bute every month.
Summer '09
Myself and Duncan summer '09

Dr. Virginia B, aka Giny (deceased)
Giny was a 19 year old mare, dark bay, 4 socks with ermine spots and a star, 15.3hh. Birthdate: Feb 14. She was trained to race as a baby and is tattooed, but never actually started on the track. She has done hunters, dressage, lesson pony, etc. Prior to coming to me, she was owned by a beginner intermediate adult rider who was petrified of her. She was subsequently donated to my college's barn as a lesson horse, but was unable to do much but run like hell. I bought her after spending 4 months as the only person riding her. We played with dressage, but did primarily huntseat. She semi-retired after a freak accident in October '06 and got ridden around at a walk a few days a week. She was donated to New Bolton Center, UPenn's large animal hospital.
Giny tries to die on a yearly basis, to remind me how much a love her, and love not having any money. She tied up twice in the time I've had her, had countless minor colics, got cast in her stall and blew up her knee, and immediately before leaving for New Bolton, tried to rip an eyelid off. Comparatively minor.
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Winter of 2005/2006.
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Summer '05.

Sonora, aka Nora (sold)
The pony was temporary-a training and resale project for over the winter. She's a 14hh-ish Halflinger/QH cross, 5 years old, and was sold to a young girl in NY, the daughter of the barn owner, to be her first pony. "Boss mare" and clearly the biggest, baddest horse anywhere she goes, Nora spent most of her time ordering the Thoroughbreds around and monopolizing the run-in shed. She now happily jumps little courses, and pretends that she has forgotten the 6 months we spent exclusively on dressage.
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Oh, and me
I grew up riding huntseat eq. I picked up dressage when I started college, and rode sporadically with a local dressage trainer whom I adore and am friends with. I've been riding since I was about 8 years old, and Giny was my first "real" horse. Technically, I owned (and still do) half of a horse named Cinnamon, one of the lesson horses at my old barn, all of whom were given away when the place closed down when I was 17.
I also worked with my veterinarian part time, mostly odd jobs around his farm and house, but periodically I am fortunate enough to go on calls with him, which is positively fascinating and cool. I have also passed out on him twice in the 3 years we've known each other, neither on calls to clients (thankfully), but because I was watching excess amounts of blood happen. Ok. The second time, Giny's knee was spurting a two-foot trajectory of blood and pus, and I watched the WHOLE THING including irrigating it and injecting antibiotics into it, and was intelligent enough to lean against a wall, before hitting the ground. The first time I make no excuses for. It was just plain funny.
Now I work in a small-animal clinic with my wonderful, wonderful vets here in Ohio. I'm taking classes to prepare for vet school, riding as often as I can, and working my tail off. And you know, making enough money to eat on a regular basis. The horses are awesome at helping with that.

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